Green Research Computing

What we do:

We are a Nonprofit dedicated to performing computational research while also helping the environment. We take old and unwanted computers and put them to work in our computing cluster. We save countless machines from a premature demise in a landfill, and we contribute to the advancement of science.

Why we do it:

Our inspiration comes from the way in which technology has helped humanity through time. From improving the fuel efficiency of automobile engines to the discovery of life saving drugs, simulations done on computers have been anwering the most probing questions of our time.

Where we do it:

Our current headquarters is in Boston, MA - the "City of Possible." We keep our machines in one location, aiming to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

How we do it:

We rely on generous donations from people like yourself and others who have a working or non-working computer. We take your donated machines and clean and prep them for the hard but rewarding life of being part of our computing cluster.

Our promise:

We promise to be always transparent, publishing quarterly and annual reports about the status of the company and our research progress. We will publish our research and our raw data on this website, its open and free to use for one and all. We love talking about our computational research so please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have.