Green Research Computing Inc (est. 2018) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Morgan Santhamoorthy, a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine. Dr.Santhamoorthy has held numerous positions in the domains of scientific research and clinical medicine, and most recently held the title of Family Medicine resident at a prestigious academic residency program at the University of Chicago. After his time in residency Dr.Santhamoorthy fell back in to his passion for clinical research.

In the words of the founder, "I started Green Computing Research in reponse to two goals that I felt were not being realized - that of responsible management of electronic waste and of easy access to high grade computing tools. In spite of the numerous options available today for responsible management of e-waste, plenty of material ends up in landfills or ends up being processed using processes that are environmentally unfriendly. Additionally, without having large amounts of funds or special connections, access to computing clusters can be difficult for smaller research groups."

Dr.Santhamoorthy's chief pursuits outside of consulting include a diversity of research interests including drug development and its subdisciplines including molecular dynamics, ligand-receptor interactions, and pharmacophore modeling. In addition to utilizing traditional avenues in this field of research he is keen on leveraging emerging technologies to enumerate complex problems.